"...I take my hat off to the guys at the Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) for bringing this outstanding publication out, this book is a mine of information and enjoyment. It is impossible to come away from reading this book and not feel inspired, and I can't personally think of a bigger complement to give it."

Henry Gilbey

"...perfect for the specialist bass angler or any angler interested in how this super species has provided top sport over the years."

Sea Angler

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Total Sea Fishing

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Irish Angler

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Shooting Times

"...anglers who are often at war with commercial bass fishermen, reveal tactics that may help toward closer liaison between both sides...the book has already brought demand from devoted followers of bass fishing"

Western Morning News

"...Packed with facts, innovative ways of catching bass and humorous tales of when nothing seems to go right, the book is a must for any bass angler or commercial bass fisherman..."

Fishing News

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South Wales Evening Post

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B.A.S.S. Magazine

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Dr Mike Ladle

"...there is so much to take away from this book, even for the expert who is starting to believe that there is no more for them to learn."

Leon Roskilly